Our History

PavlinaStone Incorporated was founded in 2012 by Pavlina Papadopoulos.  A veteran of the stone and tile industry, with over 10 years’ experience managing residential and commercial remodeling and new construction, she decided that she could best assist clients by establishing her own team in order to more fully bring her creative visions to life.

Since then, PavlinaStone has experienced incredible success.  From major new hotel construction projects like Hotel Sorella at City Center Houston, to $5m+ residential construction projects, to hundreds of individual homes, she has developed an unsurpassed reputation in the industry for delivering high-end quality and value.

The secret to this success is the extra level of service and selection they bring to the table, at every step of the remodeling and construction process. As they are a full-service, custom tailored, fabrication team specialists, in addition to handling the installation and maintenance, they have unparalleled control over the remodeling and construction process – enabling them to give you incredible flexibility, world-class quality, and competitive pricing – all at the same time.