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Tile (Ceramic & Porcelain)

These tiles are an excellent alternative for the value-oriented buyer. Ceramic tiles are hard, brittle, heat-resistant products that are manufactured by firing clay and other materials. Porcelain tile is a type of tile which generates a translucent effect. And though it’s a man made product it to require penetrating sealer due to its slight porous nature. The patterns of these products attempt to emulate the look of natural stone products. Typically, the cost is less expensive and the color range is consistent and predictable due to the man-made nature of the product. Grout. It doesn’t matter what you do Grout gets dirty! Grout lines are like miniature gutters running through you floors, showers and counter tops. We recommend using a penetrating sealer regularly of even better selecting an epoxy based grout prior to your installation. One option witch is practiced in Europe to resolve dirty grout on stone floors is to apply excess grout followed by grinding and finishing stone to where the grout and stone are completely flush giving the floor almost a seamless look. The grout and stone is easily cleaned by damp moping.


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