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Houston Chronicle article written by Pavlina Papadopoulos – published Sunday June 19th, 2016

 Tips for choosing countertops for your kitchen or bath – Natural Stone vs Solid Surfaces”. Pavlina Papadopoulos of PavlinaStone Incorporated   When it comes to your remodeling or new construction project, choosing the right material for each area of your home is of integral importance. There are several elements to consider when choosing between natural […]

Natural Stone Facts

Natural stone is a dynamic material, which exhibits tremendous variance of its core natural characteristics. The palette of colors and diversity of textures is extensive. Distinctive luster of the natural stone communicate elegance and quality that cannot be imitated by any other substance. The composition of natural stone is extremely complex on a chemical and […]

Three Advantages of Solid Surface Materials

Solid Surface materials have undergone a real Renaissance over the past several decades.  While initially limited to a few branded products manufactured by a small handful of companies, these days there are a dazzling array of potential materials, styles, and designs that property owners can select from.  When aesthetics are the key concern most people […]