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Three Advantages of Solid Surface Materials

Solid Surface materials have undergone a real Renaissance over the past several decades.  While initially limited to a few branded products manufactured by a small handful of companies, these days there are a dazzling array of potential materials, styles, and designs that property owners can select from.  When aesthetics are the key concern most people still select natural stone, but solid surfaces offer their own significant benefits as well and can often be the better overall choice depending on the type of project or surface you are considering installing.  Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Nonporous – Natural stone is porous, meaning that it can absorb liquids causing staining or other damage. No matter how well you seal a piece of natural stone, this remains a risk throughout the lifetime of the surface.  On the other hand, solid surfaces are completely nonporous, meaning they are virtually impervious to staining, moisture damage, and other concerns which can negatively impact natural stone.
  • More Flexible Designs – While the wonderful look of natural stone is held in high esteem by consumers, solid surfaces actually offer significantly more flexibility to your potential designs. After all, engineered products aren’t limited to the colors or designs you find in nature – if you are interested in trying something completely unusual, solid surfaces are definitely the way to go.
  • Virtually Zero Maintenance – One of the biggest advantages of solid surfaces is that they are significantly more durable and require substantially less maintenance than natural stone surfaces. Even if your solid surface receives minor burns, nicks, or scratches, a quick sanding job will have your surfaces looking like new, compared to the substantial costs of renovating natural stone installations.


Solid surfaces are an incredible option for kitchens, bathrooms, corporate installations, and both remodeling as well as new construction processes.  While they won’t quite live up to natural stone in terms of luxuriousness or aesthetics, they do offer significantly more flexibility and a much easier maintenance schedule.  For more information about solid surfaces, check out the rest of our site here at Pavlinastone.


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